How much CBD oil should you take?

How much CBD oil should you take?

How much CBD oil should you take each day and how long will it last?

These days, being busy is almost a given. If you’ve recently joined the cool kids and purchased Pure CBD oil to help you relax, you may be asking how much you should take. According to research, the average CBD dosage is 20–40 mg per dose, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for you!

Because the reasons for taking CBD to vary, some people take a little less and others a little more each serving. Our advice at Mr. Nice Guys Wellness Center is that you really shouldn’t exceed a daily intake of more than 70 mg no matter what you do.

Choosing the Right CBD Dose

Many working professionals use CBD to unwind while reaping the benefits of sleep disorders, overstimulation, and other issues. Individual body chemistry might alter how your system reacts to CBD, making it difficult to determine your perfect CBD dose within the suggested range. The way it works with you is influenced by factors such as body size, weight, and general tolerance.

Dosage of CBD for Inflammation and Pain

When it comes to lowering pain symptoms, CBD is a champion, especially for back issues and other sports-related ailments. CBD will not heal the underlying cause of pain, but it will assist manage the symptoms. There’s also no “one size fits all” suggested dose for people when taking it for generalized inflammation and pain. Because our bodies react differently depending on our genetic conditions, you must experiment to determine your own safe dose.

Dosage of CBD Oil for Anxiety

Anxiety is triggered by stress, and anxiety has a direct detrimental influence on your standard of living. CBD oil is a natural method to relieve anxiety. When you pick CBD to treat your symptoms instead of potentially dangerous opiates, you avoid the risk of addiction.

CBD treatment for social anxiety disorder has shown potential in research. Even though the studies often use a higher-than-average dosage, we recommend sticking to any further than 70 mg per day to be safe.

Dosage of CBD Oil for Sleep

Among the most essential contributions to healthy mental health is a good night’s sleep.   CBD oil isn’t intended to be a sedative but can aid with anxiety and pain sensations, which can lead to a better night’s sleep.

Although the animals received relatively high quantities of CBD, non-human research from 2013 found that it helped increase overall sleep duration and REM sleep. To get the advantages safely, limit yourself to 70 mg per day and take CBD oil at least 30 minutes before bedtime.

Dosage of CBD for Migraines

Migraines can be extremely painful. CBD may be able to aid when the worst of headaches occurs and destroys a perfectly productive day, just as it helps to ease the symptoms of inflammation and pain.

There is currently no scientific proof that CBD can assist in treating migraines in particular. Most studies concentrate on the broad impacts, necessitating further focused investigation. CBD is thought to aid with headaches because it impacts the brain receptors which regulate pain and inflammation. When a migraine strikes, start by taking the daily suggested amount of 18–60mg and watch how your body reacts.

Dosage of CBD Oil for Depression

CBD oil is proving to be an effective aid in the fight against depression. To understand why we’ll have to get a bit technical. CBD works via interacting with the 5-HT receptor, which is involved in serotonin synthesis. Serotonin is a brain neurotransmitter that binds to receptors. It improves mood and reduces stress levels. CBD also prevents the decomposition of anandamide, the chemical messenger that influences sleep, hunger, memory, and other functions.

There is no one-size-fits-all dose of CBD oil that can treat depression. As far as we understand at this time, it can only aid with symptom control. If you’re prone to depression, we recommend taking anything between 40 and 70 mg each day. Take a fixed-dose first thing in the morning and then again in the afternoon. Increase your dosage by 10 mg per week until you see the desired results.

How long will CBD oil effects last?

CBD effects provide relief from pain, anxiety, tension, and a variety of other ailments. However, the duration of CBD’s effects varies greatly. This is because, as mentioned below, various factors influence the lifespan of CBD benefits.


The longer CBD stays in your system and the longer you feel its benefits, the greater the dosage size or the greater the amount you consume. If you’re new to CBD, we don’t advocate starting with large amounts.

Always continue with care until you understand how unique CBD products affect you. Start with the lowest advised dosage on the CBD product you’re using, then gradually increase your serving size if necessary.


Another element that impacts how long CBD benefits stay is how frequently you take CBD products. CBD remains in your body for longer the more people use it. The accumulation of CBD after repeated usage may cause its benefits to persist longer. However, if you’re using it just sometimes, it will rapidly clean your system.

In addition, whereas repeated use of other cannabinoids leads your body to develop a tolerance for them as well as diminishes the effects, CBD is unique. Some users may develop reverse tolerance, requiring lower and smaller dosages to get the desired benefits.

Your Body

Because everyone’s body is different, various CBD products have varied effects. Your weight, for example, is important because it affects your metabolism. CBD is also fat-soluble, which means it is kept in your fat cells.

That is, if you have less fat in your body, you will not retain as much CBD and will be able to absorb the drug faster, reducing the length of its effects. Consider the case when you have a higher body fat percentage. Because your body will take longer to metabolize the bigger levels of CBD stored in fat cells, you will probably encounter longer CBD effects.

The amount of water in your body and your BMI are two more factors that might influence how long CBD benefits linger.

Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle, in addition to your body fat, has an impact on just how prolonged the CBD benefits stay. That’s because your metabolism is influenced by your lifestyle. Your metabolism would be higher if you live a more active lifestyle, which means your body will metabolize the CBD you take more quickly. As a result, the longer you maintain an active lifestyle, the shorter CBD’s effects will remain.


It is also important to consider the amount and type of food that you eat. When you consume CBD products on an empty stomach, your body’s capacity to digest the material is hampered. This may make the effects linger longer.

The Big Idea

There is no denying that CBD products are becoming increasingly popular. Their popularity will keep expanding as a result of their effectiveness in reducing pain and inflammation as well as controlling depression and anxiety.

CBD is proven to be extremely useful to many individuals all around the world, even though we are still learning about its full potential.

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